Along with the knees, the hip joints carry the most load of a person’s body weight. A person’s hips are used in almost all body movements and sustain a lot of wear and tear, making them highly susceptible to injury, pain and joint dysfunction.

Dr. Stitt, here at Encompass Orthopedics, specializes in knee and hip conditions and treats a variety of patient problems.

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Hip Replacement Surgery – Minimally Invasive

It is important to note that minimally invasive surgery options are available to consider in the event a patient is in need of a total hip replacement. Dr. Stitt specializes in this technique.

Minimally invasive total hip replacement involves making a much smaller incision (4”- 5”) and less trauma to the underlying muscles than an old style hip surgery. This is coupled with regional anesthesia techniques —epidural, regional nerve blocks, and local anesthetic infiltration) to achieve minimal pain and minimal narcotic use. Many patients are able to leave the hospital more quickly with these techniques.

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