The joints in our knees support more weight than any join in our bodies and undergo the most pressure and stress. The health of the knee joint affects a person’s entire leg, meaning a simple task like squatting or climbing stairs can become difficult for those who are experiencing knee problems.

Dr. Stitt, here at Encompass Orthopedics, specializes in knee and hip conditions and treats a variety of patient problems.

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Knee Replacement Surgery – Minimally Invasive

It is important to note that minimally invasive surgery options are available to consider in the event a patient is in need of a total knee replacement. Dr. Stitt specializes in this technique.

Minimally invasive total knee replacement also involves a smaller incision (4”) and less trauma to the extensor mechanism of the knee. We use the same anesthesia techniques as for a total hip to control pain with minimum narcotic use. For both the procedures, the prosthesis is the same as what we have used previously but the “tools” have been made much smaller thus the smaller incisions. I think the best feature of both procedures is the attention to analgesia with minimal narcotic thus avoiding narcotic side effects (hypotension, nausea, respiratory depression, confusion).

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